If someone had told me that my Insurance Broker would end up being a key professional in the “arsenal of life” but also a trusted friend I would have been likely to reply with a giggle.

Then again I was yet to meet Leecia.

She was relatively new to the game but had learnt from a master. She learned quickly.

There are so many products and technical angles that need to be shaped to each individual’s circumstances. She nails it every review (and these are done regularly).

What you can’t teach is “care” factor, true empathy and a realist approach where you as the client are given valid options and involved in the process even when some of the questions get tough.

Recently I had a call from my specialist to say that to air on the side of caution I would need a further procedure. My first call was to Leecia for advice and so she could keep my file up to date. I then called my husband and the insurance provider (as not one Leecia handles for me due to prior history).

With insurance it is nice to have peace of mind you are covered. With Leecia in your camp you can take that feeling to the next level as she is a fierce advocate for those who need claims and still has the soft edges to give the hugs and bring chicken soup.

A rare breed that from what I hear the insurance industry need more of.